we are beyond creative mgmt.
but, we’re beyond a lot of things…

we are two art producers that worked in various agencies in ny and la. we’ve worked on accounts including; beauty, hospitality, technology, communications, finance, automotive, retail, energy, fashion, travel; you get the picture.

over many years, we have developed a vision for what our own roster of photographers could look like, what it would be like to work with people we knew, trusted, traveled with, sat on set with and created amazing campaigns with and what started as a, “what if we could…?” idea has become our passion project.

today, beyond creative mgmt. is a thoughtfully curated group of dedicated photographers that cover many aspects of content, backed by our unique understanding of your timelines, pressures, day to day work-load and your client demands. you could call it experience, but we think of it as a 360° way to make the process easier and it means a lot to us.

beyond a lot, actually.

for inquiries, please contact:

amy zimmerman
e: [email protected]
m: 917.532.7665

jamie appelbaum
e: [email protected]
m: 310.487.6414